terminalpp supports Windows, Linux and macOS. BSD systems should work as well, but are almost never tested.


Windows 10 version 2004 and above are supported. Older Windows versions from 1909 will most likely work too, but only the latest stable Windows version is regularly tested.

The easiest way is to install terminalpp from Microsoft Store. Additionally, a MSIX and MSI installers are provided. The MSIX package is signed by a self-signed certificate.


Snap package is supported on most popular distributions and provides automatic updates. Alternatively, RPM and DEB packages are available.

Installation from source code is also a viable option, see the repository for details.


The macOS app bundle is provided for each version. Only macOS 10.15 and higher are supported.

Source Code

For building instructions see the repository for details. On Linux, you can run sudo make install after the build to install terminalpp properly.


ropen is only supported on Linux hosts at the moment. DEB and RPM packages are provided. To install from source, run the following commands:

mkdir build-ropen
cd build-ropen
sudo make install


tpp-bypass is only supported on WSL distributions and can be installed automatically by terminalpp at first execution.

tpp-bypass can be built and installed from source as well:

mkdir build-tpp-bypass
cd build-tpp-bypass
mkdir -p $HOME/.local/bin
cp tpp-bypass/tpp-bypass $HOME/.local/bin