Lists the most important improvements for recent terminalpp versions.





Fixed Windows issue with tpp-bypass not starting properly due to logging error. Other architectures are unaffected.


Restructured release process and minor fixes:


This is huge core refactoring, more robust UI framework, better configuration options and slightly increased security. Most of the changes are under the hood and should not be visible to users.

Notable changes:

Note that due to the extensive changes in the core architecture, there may be new errors compared to version 0.6.0. If you encounter any of these, please fill in a bug report and if it is a showstopper, consider temporarily downgrading to 0.6.0.


This is a cummulative release before switching to the simpler UI framework currently in development.




0.5 - Remote File Opening

Adds basic support for remotely opening files (see the tpp-ropen repo for more details). Other minor improvements:

(also, new repositories were created under the terminalpp organization).

0.4 - Terminal Scrolling

Terminal history added and turned on by default. The history is scrollable (wheel) and selectable. History is only stored for the normal buffer and is not even shown when alternate buffer is on. Other improvements:

Note that the release is alpha and updating from lower versions is very limited. A clean uninstall of the old version is recommended before installing v0.4.

0.3 - Font fallback