This page contains answers to questions most often asked about terminalpp. They are by no means exhaustive and may at times reflect the personal opinions of the author.

Q: Why another terminal emulator?

A: While there are many good terminal emulators (especially for Linux), very few of them actually offer reasonable support on multiple platforms at once. terminalpp provides the same features and the same user interface on all of its platforms. Furthermore, terminalpp already offers extra features not available in other terminals, such as opening of remote files and will support many more in the future.

Q: What operating systems are supported?

A: Windows 10, Linux and macOS (10.15 and above).

Most likely terminalpp also works on BSD, but this is not tested regularly.

Q: How can the terminal be installed?

A: See here.

Q: How do I configure the terminal?

A: Although in early stages of development, terminalpp offers many useful configuration options. Configuration is done either globally via the settings.json file, or locally for each execution via the command line. For more details see the configuration section.

Q: How to report bugs and request features?

A: Please use the github issues for both. When reporting a bug, make sure that specify the platform exhaustively (press A-F1 in the terminal for its about box) and ideally provide a reproducible. For new features, please label the issue as a feature.

Q: Where is the code?

A: terminalpp & friends code is available at Github.