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tpp is a minimalist but powerfull terminal emulator which provides the same features and user experience on both Windows and Linux.

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Installer   deb/rpm/snap   release 0.5   terminalpp/tpp

Feature Highlights


tpp natively supports Windows 10 and Linux.


Either on par, or faster than really fast emulators such as alacritty. Order(s) of magnitude faster on Windows with bypass.

ConPTY Bypass

Special pseudoconsole for Windows when using WSL which bypasses the OS default ConPTY. Allows tpp to support all terminal features (mouse, special escape sequences, etc.) and greatly increases its speed.

Fonts & Colors

Support for all possible colors (16M) and native font fallback for extra characters. CJK, double width and double size characters support.


Bi-directional clipboard. Primary and clipboard buffers on Linux, clipboard and emulated primary buffer in Windows.


ctrl- and ctrl= to fast zoom in & out similar to web browsers and other GUI apps.


Remembers terminal output outside of the visible area when it matters.

Remote Open

Allows opening files from remote servers the terminal is connected to on local computer via the ropen command. Supports tmux passthrough.